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Scaling to $30M (the easy way)

What would you need to do to do $30M in revenue in three years?

I’ll tell you the answer.

First, what it isn’t: more of what you’re doing now.

Doing more of what you’ve always done is two-dimensional thinking. It’s growing the business assuming that if you did 2x the marketing, you’d have 2x the business.

But it doesn’t work that way.

Because with scale comes complexity. More people, more systems, all of which are interconnected … And complexity compounds as you grow.

And as you spend more on advertising, it gets more expensive and less efficient. Margins shrink.

The same thinking that got past your first $1M aren’t the key to $30M.


  1. Ask: what are all the things that I’m doing that aren’t consistent with a business that can get there? What should I leave behind because it won’t get me there?
  2. Evaluate: every opportunity that you come across, same thing. If it won’t get you there, pass.
  3. Work backwards: what must be true for a $30M business? Who do I need in my orbit to make that happen?

I don’t care if your number is less than $30M. The thought process is the same.
You must kill today’s company to make tomorrow’s.

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