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Innovate Or Die. You Have 3 Years.

My friend John’s business is dead. He just doesn’t know it. He runs an agency that’s headed straight for irrelevance as AI tools improve month over month. Growth was decent in the past years. But Read more…

How to Spot Your Next Big Venture

The siren song of entrepreneurship is the chance to build something truly novel – to see a void in the marketplace and fill it with innovation that unlocks value for customers (and profit for you). Read more…

How To Charge Insane Prices

I’m going to share how you can sell for higher amounts by just changing how you present your price. I’ve personally sold everything from cheap $1 goods to $50,000/month high-end services to $400,000 software. The Read more…

9 Huge Business Growth Mistakes

I’ve talked to hundreds of companies this year. Most of them are making the same 9 mistakes which is holding their company back from growing. Or, even if they do start growing – the company Read more…

Do You Have a Zombie Company?

It’s Morocco, 2001, and I didn’t want to eat brains. … A short story about one dinner that taught me how not to fail at business: So – camel brains are a delicacy in Morocco, Read more…

The Big Jump for Business Owners

“This is really dangerous” I told Andrew, before he jumped off the roof. A lesson in taking business risks, learned the painful way at age 13. Before he jumped looked at me. Didn’t say anything Read more…

Run Your Company Like a NFL Coach

There’s a reason why football coaches use playsheets instead of making it up as they go along: So why isn’t your business using them? Imagine this – instead of dealing with each crisis as it Read more…

Crash Course: Selling with Instagram Ads

Using Instagram ads can be amazing, or a total waste of money. Which one depends on if you know how to use them. Here’s how to use Instagram ads to sell more … successfully.

Are Business Books Worth Reading?

Thousands of business books are published each year. Should you be reading them? Is it worth the time and effort? Or are there better things to do with your time?

References Done Right

What’s the best way to get glowing references? And as an employer, how do you make sure references are accurate? Here’s the quick hack to making sure you’re upping your reference game.

Growing Wealth: Whose Job Is It?

Diving into why you need to take control of your corporate structure, asset protection, and tax optimization. Even with great advisors, each one of them only has a piece of the puzzle.

Monday Mindhacks: Using Fear of Loss

You can make your customers stick with you longer using this clever psychological tactic – loss aversion. Transcript: Raj: Welcome to another episode of Monday, Mind Hacks. And today we’re going to go over a Read more…

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