“You’re doing too much, dumbass,” he said – and my ego was smashed.

This week I met two entrepreneurs

One had a simple website business. Just published articles on a blog and had a newsletter. Didn’t do any fancy SEO. Three years in, and he’s making $5M in revenue, $4.7M in profit. A simple business.

One started a business connecting people who need therapists with therapists who need patients. Two years in, and he’s doing a healthy 7-figures in profit and has an assistant running the service. A simple business.

In the first year of my agency I was offering 7 different services, to multiple kinds of clients, and running 5 different marketing campaigns to get clients. I made … around $6,000 in profit.

But a few words turned the business from a painful embarrassment to a healthy seven figures:

“You’re doing too much, dumbass”

I was at a mastermind meeting and when Mike said it, my ego took a blow.

I sucked it up and listened.

He explained how he does as little as possible in his business.

Every time he tries to do more, it’s more harmful than helpful.

Now importantly, it wasn’t that he was doing nothing, and he wasn’t avoiding growing the business.

Rather, he’d found out the FEW things that grew the business, and just did those.

Again and again.

Different variations of them, but the same things again and again.

Then I looked around at the rest of the room – and every single one of the entrepreneurs who were racking up big wins were doing the same.

Do the few things that work. Again and again.

So that’s what I did. 

Cut the offering down to the minimum, sold to just one kind of customer, and proved one marketing channel before expanding to others.

And guess what? I grew. A lot.


Because if you’re stuck, and aren’t growing profitably, the answer isn’t More.

The answer is Less. Make your life easier, make the business more profitable.

You just have to figure out what to keep – and what needs to go.

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