Most people are SO predictable. You give them a time machine and they’re all like:

“I’ll go back in time with the winning stock picks.”


Let’s pretend I had a time machine and could only give myself entrepreneurial advice. Much more interesting:  👇

Here are 5 things I’d tell Young Me:

1. Discipline will get you further than hustle. Pick opportunities slowly, plan carefully, and execute methodically. Hustle culture is bullshit. 

You’ll get further with one good opportunity and focus.

2. Don’t spend so much time learning how to do the work. Focus on what the work will do for customers. Find out how to get the customers – then hire someone to do the work. Being an expert in a craft rarely pays as much as owning the workshop.

3. Do not date Christine, she’s a biter.

Wait – that IS good advice, but it isn’t entrepreneurial. Let’s do that again:

3. The business isn’t you. See businesses for what they are – vehicles to get what you want. The business is an asset, not an extension of yourself.

4. Build multiple kinds of assets early and often. Think about your career in terms of assets. Relationship assets, wealth creating assets, wealth preserving assets.

5. Brand yourself by teaching others. No matter how little you think you know, share what you’ve learned. There’s someone a few steps behind you who will find it valuable. Your personal brand will reflect the value you’ve given.

I don’t have a time machine (yet) – but you might:

Find the people who’ve walked the path you want to walk and learn from them. 

Then share.

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