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The CEO's complete resource to ramping revenue ... And keeping more of it. In-depth information and trainings, all in your pocket. 

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Hands Down, The Most Important App for a CEO/Owner

As a business owner, you're also an investor in your business. It's time to treat it that way. 

This means two goals really matter:

  • RAMP Revenue. If your business isn't growing, it's less valuable to you (and anyone who would buy it).
  • KEEP Profits. If you're giving too much of what you earn to the tax man, your business isn't serving you.

The RAMP + KEEP App is the only app exclusively for CEO/Owners to both grow their revenue and keep more of it.

The materials on this site, the RAMP+KEEP App, and the workshops offered are not intended to provide situation-specific, tax, legal or accounting advice. You must consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. Business owners must coordinate their teams of professionals to properly implement strategies based on their specific facts and circumstances. 

RAMP + KEEP™, KEEP Workshop™ and RAMP Workshop™ are trademarks of Gun Point Summer, Inc. If you attend the KEEP Workshop, you'll understand why a line like this on your website makes a huge difference.

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