Taxes Are Going Up While You Wait - It's Time To Protect Yourself

I'll email you the information shortly ... But new laws are coming, and waiting is reducing your options.

I personally work with qualified business owners in a private workshop. Applying doesn't obligate you to attend, but spaces are limited - so see if you qualify today.

Limited Spaces Available

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Raj Jha

Thr KEEP Workshop™ is hosted by Raj Jha, a corporate attorney (with clients that included Facebook, Yahoo! and Electronic Arts) and executive & serial entrepreneur whose businesses have had successful 7- and 8- figure exits.

The Workshop is designed to usher you behind the curtain of advanced corporate structuring.

By giving you strategies to drastically increase what you keep, the workshop more than pays for itself.

The KEEP Workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Use advanced corporate structuring to increase cash flow … Without overwhelming complexity
  • Protect your business from litigation that can rob hard-earned profits … Without shady offshore strategies that might get you in legal hot water.
  • Discover how the investor class runs their businesses … By taking full advantage of incentives provided by the US tax code
  • Maximize your personal profit and create generational wealth … Instead of letting half the profits flow out in taxes each year.

The KEEP Workshop isn't for Everyone

This is important. Only apply if:

  • You are a business owner/operator. The strategies in the KEEP Workshop only work for business owners, not salaried employees.
  • You are willing to participate in the workshop personally. The strategies we go over are geared towards maximizing the business owner’s personal profits, and you must understand them yourself - not send your finance person.
  • You have, or are willing to hire, quality advisors to implement the strategies you’ll learn. The workshop isn’t a good fit for anyone who believes getting good advice is too expensive, or thinks they can “DIY” advanced structuring. 
  • You are ethical and are not looking for “tax loopholes,” but want to use incentives in the tax code as a tool for long term wealth generation.
  • You are friendly and easy to work with. We have a strict “no jerks” policy.

Seats are Limited, Apply Today

Only a few workshops are run each year, and participation in the KEEP Workshop is by application only. 

We only accept applicants with businesses appropriate for the strategies taught in the Workshop

Click the “Apply Now” button to submit your application. We will review it and will get back to you with questions. 

If you are qualified you will be sent the remaining available dates for workshops.

Basic Structuring

For owners of companies with gross revenue $250,000 - $1,000,000

Limited Spaces Available

Advanced Structuring

For owners of companies with gross revenue over $1,000,000

Limited Spaces Available

* This isn't fine print. This is important. We can't reduce or eliminate your taxes. The KEEP Workshop will give you the tools and strategies to maximize tax effectiveness, but it's up to you to implement the strategies.

** For appropriate businesses, after attending the workshop you may be offered an investment from our private equity fund to accelerate your growth. There is no obligation to accept investment.

*** Invitations to invest in tax-advantaged investments with our fund are available to accredited investors. You are not required to invest, but after the workshop are eligible to participate.

The materials on this site, the RAMP+KEEP App, and the workshops offered are not intended to provide situation-specific, tax, legal or accounting advice. You must consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. Business owners must coordinate their teams of professionals to properly implement strategies based on their specific facts and circumstances. 

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