Important: Read This Regarding Next Steps

About The Application Process

You might be asking yourself, “why is there an application process?” The answer is simple: we want to work with people who truly want and need our help.

The reality is that most people who start a journey don’t finish.

It’s like joining a gym. How many people join a gym on January 1, only to show up once or twice and then go back to being couch potatoes? 

It’s the same for taking the action that’s necessary to create a corporate structure that serves you for the long term. 

What Happens Next

Now that you’ve completed your application, look for a text message from us confirming we got it, and reply to it so we know we have the right phone number. You may also add our SMS number to your contacts to ensure you see our messages.

We review applications typically within three business days. 

If you’re qualified then we’ll contact you by text message with information about our Fit Assessment, which is detailed review to ensure the workshop can help you. 

Please make sure to reply, we won’t chase you down if we don’t hear back from you.

About the Fit Assessment

We're serious about working with business owners we can help. That's why the next step after your application is a Fit Assessment. 

First, we'll get on the phone to review your situation and discuss. Then, we'll do a detailed review your key financial and tax metrics to make sure you can take advantage of the workshop strategies.

The $2,000 fee for the Fit Assessment is fully refunded if we determine the workshop is not a fit for your situation. If it is a fit, you'll be registered for the workshop and the assessment fee will be credited to your workshop fee. In this way the fit assessment is no risk to you.

We know there are a lot of steps, but this way we can be assured that your workshop investment will be a good one for you.

The KEEP Workshop™ is a structuring and strategy workshop educating business owners and giving them a framework in to implement their individualized strategy. Business owners must coordinate their teams of professionals to properly implement these strategies based on their specific facts and circumstances. The workshop is not intended to provide situation-specific, tax, legal or accounting advice. You must consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

KEEP Workshop is a trademark of Gun Point Summer, Inc. If you attend the workshop, you'll understand why a line like this on your website makes a huge difference.

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